VITL. A new approach to tile.

Finally. Finally there’s a simple, single source for the very best tile in the world. The finest manufacturers. Passionate people. Certainty of process. It’s an approach that’s fresh and confident, and helps you realize your vision to perfection.

With VITL, tile is a passion. It’s a finishing touch. It’s a defining feature. It helps projects elevate. It helps finished spaces become extraordinary.

We’re not just another tile distributor. We’re inspiration. We’re curation. We’re conversation. We’re a new way. A bolder way. A fresher way.

Curated by our team.

A modern tile distributor that partners with buyers who are in touch with the cutting edge of tile. Design consultants who can take your vision to another level. Value that finds the sweet spot of beauty and budget. And innovative systems that take the friction out of finding, sampling, ordering, and getting your tile perfectly delivered.

Created for impact.

At VITL, we don’t simply look for commercial tile that checks a box. We look for tile that elevates. That is room defining. That is unique and special, yet timeless and powerful. We don’t give you every choice — we simply give you the right choices. Carefully selected by hand. And boldly chosen for impact.